STT fan wins Lifting Little Lives auction for rare autographed t-shirt by STT and Audiobox 

This man donated $220 this weekend for a special signed t-shirt with all proceeds going towards Lifting Little Lives, an organization whose goal is to help better the lives of ill and/or disabled children. Yep. 

This is Glyn Baker with us and Joe Reichenbach from Audiobox. We auctioned off this t-shirt that was made by another fan, Dave Chobanoff. There aren't too many of these and there is only one signed by both STT and our good friends in Audiobox at this Lifting Little Lives benefit just this past weekend. 

Bottom line? This is one of the coolest things to ever happen at one of our shows, and it's all because of our fans. A fan made the shirt. A fan donated an incredible amount of money for a rare t-shirt that both bands autographed. You couldn't wipe the smiles off of our faces. Thanks to all of our fans for keeping us motivated to do what we do for you guys. The good memories just keep coming.

STT entered in The Big Sturgis Gig contest 

You guys like the best 3 b words ever? Bikes, babes, and beer? Of course you do! Then send us to to the Big Sturgis Gig to rock w/ Lynyrd SkynyrdZZ TopAlice Cooper,Motley CruePop EvilThe Pretty Reckless, and more! And we get $10,000!! Just vote at the link below, and share the crap out of the link. And listen to the music! Thanks!#bikesbabesbeer #TheBigSturgis #TITANUP 


Thank you message to all involved in KIX show for this past Saturday 

Ok, time to say thank you for this past Saturday's show. Thank you toTravis Fisher and Fisher Promotions for giving us the opportunity to play with KIX and also accommodating the Small Town Titans in a better way than any other promoter has ever treated us, seriously. Thank you to Kix Band for kicking ass. It was awesome to share the stage with such talented musicians. Thank you to Tyler Kouqj Garrett for rocking the bass that night like a champ. Thank you to Christine, Tanika Vallati, Sarah Elizabeth and the rest of the Clique Vodka team for advertising our band. 

Thank you to Gun Metal Gray. Together we helped each other out all day like a machine to ensure we would both have the best show possible. Thank you to Tom Morgan and the rest of Y106.5 FM for supporting STT, advertising the show, and having us on the air to promote it. We had a blast playing acoustic songs live on the air with you guys. Thank you to the Hummels Wharf Fire Co. Social Club for having us as well and putting on one hell of an event. Thank you to DJ Poligone and Matt Clark for being roadies for the day. Thank you to Jeff Aunkst and Barb Kole for buying 5 or more tickets to the show from us and therfore getting to shave awesome stupid shit into Ben Guiles's head on stage with us. Thank you toPhillip Nathaniel Freeman for REFUSING to stop the show with blood pouring from his eye.

And last but not least thank you to some of our DIE HARDS Donna Kern O'Neill, Gabby Christine, Amy Knupp, Roxanne Kirstner, Stacey Walls,Crystal Simile, and Dan DC Cruz. Some of you drove hours to be there and I can't thank you enough. Until next time. 

P.S. This is a very small percentage of how many people actually busted their ass to put on this show. It's a lot huh?  Never forget about the security guards, stage crew, sound man, bartenders, volunteers, etc. There's no show without 'em.


- Jonny

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Here's #TitanArmy member of the week Theresa Grobaker​! Check out her song "Maybe" by the Sick Puppies​ now on our official Titan Army Spotify playlist! Listen at

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