STT Entered in Welcome to Rockville Battle of the Bands - Jacksonville, FL - Voting is Unlimited  

From our Facebook page:


Hey everyone, we have joined the Rockville Battle of the Bands! The winners get a lot of cool stuff including: performing at Welcome To Rockville in Jacksonville, FL with all expenses covered (headliners include Avenged SevenfoldKornThe CultRob ZombieOfficial MotörheadFive Finger Death Punch, and over 35 other bands!), $15,000 in gear, and some instrument endorsements (free guitar strings all the time and more!) Sounds pretty cool to us! Feel free to throw us a vote as often as you'd like and share it with your friends and fellow rock fans.  Playing our songs on our battle of the bands page helps as well.  If we are one of the top 100 bands, we will be professionally reviewed and judged. 

All other social media interaction counts as well. Simply "like" our stuff, comment with us, tweet us, watch our youtube channel, etc. It's easy! The link is below. Cheers and we hope to see a lot of you next Friday at our Millennium Music Conference showcase w/ John Moyer of Disturbed and Adrenaline Mob hosting at Tubby's Nightclub in Duncannon, PA! It's FREE!!!



Attention friends and fans,

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the unfortunate departure of our brother, friend, and bass player Eddie Roberts. Eddie has chosen to part ways with us at this time to pursue other endeavors. We wish him the best. We are now looking for a new bass player. Requirements are:

1. Be able to play the bass (and you thought we would forget that one didn’t ya?)
2. Be bitchin’. There are many ways to be bitchin’. This pretty much means having an awesome positive attitude and kicking ass at life 24/7.
3. Be fully committed. We are pursuing this for a living. We are 3 very driven dudes. We are looking to expand and are playing a lot more out of PA this year. 
4. Have a car big enough for your equipment. (Another no brainer but hey, it’s there.)

That’s pretty much it! If interested, please contact us at Please try to avoid contacting us in other ways. We want to keep this organized from other band business. Give your name and phone number. Please share this status with anyone who may be interested. 

Important note: This will NOT be derailing us in any way. Not one show has been cancelled. We are blessed to know and have great friends and musicians that are willing to fill in on the bass right now. We are also pretty glad Phil can play the bass too. Thank you for your continued support everyone. Seriously. We have some amazing fans and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of our journey so far.

- Phil, Ben, and Jonny

STT to Rock John Moyer's (of Disturbed and Adrenaline Mob) Showcase at Millenium Music Conference 2014 

STT is proud to be a part of the Millennium Music Conference once again this year.  The MMC is one of the largest annual conferences in PA.  This year a very special guest, John Moyer, bass player of multi-platinum recording artist Disturbed and Adrenaline Mob, will be in attendance.  A showcase will be held on Friday February 21 at Tubby's Night Club in Duncannon, PA hosted by Moyer and featuring the Titans along with several other great acts.  For more info on the show click HERE.  For more info on the conference, click HERE.  

Rockin w/ KIX, Special Valentine's Day Announcement, COLDCOCK Whiskey coming to PA and more! 

Hey everyone, there's a lot of stuff going on in Titan land! We're rockin' w/ KIX (Kix Band) and will call tickets are available now, we've got a special treat for you all for this Valentine's Day and more! You do NOT want to miss KIX!  Their reputation live is out of this world.  Crowd attendance is supposed to exceed 1200+!  Get your tickets NOW!  Get all the details on all the good news HERE! - STT 

STT chosen as Springwood Productions Featured Artist 

Check out this awesome interview/live performance of "Flight 24" from Springwood Productions out of Baltimore, MD.  Perfect for sharing with your friends!  - STT

Courtesy of Springwood Productions:

Welcome to the new and improved Featured Artist Series! A series that is dedicated to the exposure of phenomenal performers, excellent musicians and quickly rising independent artists/bands. Every artist/band chosen to be a Springwood's FEATURED ARTIST is handpicked. 

We first noticed Small Town Titans about a year ago when we met them due to a very creative crowd funding campaign that they were promoting at MMC 2013. We were so impressed that we kept an eye on them and watched them blossom and grow at an amazingly fast rate. 

Several of the band members have degrees in Music Business and put their education to the test and we think if their professors could grade them now they would get A++!! 

Be sure to check these guys out soon before their tickets cost more than a days work! They are insanely worth it!
Influences - Avenged Sevenfold, Soundgarden, Rage Against the Machine, Shinedown

If you enjoy this series please share with your friends because there are more FEATURED ARTISTS to come!!

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Here's #TitanArmy member of the week Theresa Grobaker​! Check out her song "Maybe" by the Sick Puppies​ now on our official Titan Army Spotify playlist! Listen at

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