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The Day That I Die

When your back’s against the wall, how will you respond?  

Check out our song “The Day That I Die” off of our album ‘Reflection’.

Rowdy and Reckless – Live at Think Loud Studios

Have you ever felt like you don’t fit in, and wanted to celebrate it? That’s what “Rowdy and Reckless” is all about. We spent the day at Think Loud Studios with a camera to capture this one live. We hope you enjoy it! πŸŽΆπŸ‘

P.S. You may notice Jonny’s shirt in this one. With WWE Wrestlemania coming up this Sunday, he’s all about “The Man”. Don’t let the title of the song fool you. πŸ˜‰  


We’ve all had that crossroads in our life. Do you follow your crazy dream job with the uncertain future? Or do you pick the stable lifestyle with a much more comforting outcome? Either way, we always wonder about the other choice. 

Check out the performance video to our song “Doorbell” off of our album ‘Reflection’. 


Have you ever wanted to be with someone without worrying about the consequences? Perhaps while drinking wine?  

Check out the performance video to our song “Shadows” off of our album ‘Reflection’. 

New St Patrick’s Day Merch

πŸ€ We’ve got a new limited edition collection for St Patrick’s Day in our store! πŸ€ 

Available in men’s and women’s fits as well as women’s tanks. Get rowdy and reckless this St Patrick’s Day! Check out the collection here. Items available online only.