"Dragonfly" - Official Live Performance Video

The story behind this song has many dimensions to it...I began writing the song a week before my best friend in the world passed away. 

The original recording was done in my bedroom the day after she died. I shared it with family and friends. I played it live at the last show we ever played at Tubby's before it burned down...and didn't really know what to do after that. 

A few days afterward, I asked the universe what to do with this song. From the depths of my mind and heart...a voice much like my mother's said, 

'Share it with the world. Give the proceeds to charity.' 

And that's exactly what we did. 

When we decided we were going into the studio this year, Ben and Jonny wanted Dragonfly to be part of it. Revisiting this song live in two takes, with an incredible producer/sound engineer, two amazing fans, two of my brothers, and knowing that two cherished friends behind the lens of this video can relate to the loss of a parent at a relatively young age...was an otherworldly and sacred experience. 

Fast forward to now... 

With an amazing band whom I consider family, a musical project with the love of my life, a fantastic team to make it happen, a motivated and fantastic student body, fabulous colleagues, and what I consider to be the best fans in existence... 

Otherworldly is an understatement. 

I see her love in all of this...I see her everywhere. 

Thank you for listening. 

Here's to 2018. 


- Phil

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