Attention friends and fans,

It is with great sadness that we are announcing the unfortunate departure of our brother, friend, and bass player Eddie Roberts. Eddie has chosen to part ways with us at this time to pursue other endeavors. We wish him the best. We are now looking for a new bass player. Requirements are:

1. Be able to play the bass (and you thought we would forget that one didn’t ya?)
2. Be bitchin’. There are many ways to be bitchin’. This pretty much means having an awesome positive attitude and kicking ass at life 24/7.
3. Be fully committed. We are pursuing this for a living. We are 3 very driven dudes. We are looking to expand and are playing a lot more out of PA this year. 
4. Have a car big enough for your equipment. (Another no brainer but hey, it’s there.)

That’s pretty much it! If interested, please contact us at Please try to avoid contacting us in other ways. We want to keep this organized from other band business. Give your name and phone number. Please share this status with anyone who may be interested. 

Important note: This will NOT be derailing us in any way. Not one show has been cancelled. We are blessed to know and have great friends and musicians that are willing to fill in on the bass right now. We are also pretty glad Phil can play the bass too. Thank you for your continued support everyone. Seriously. We have some amazing fans and we can’t thank you enough for being a part of our journey so far.

- Phil, Ben, and Jonny

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