Titan Army ‘til death.

For those of you who want to support this band FOREVER, here’s the shirt for you.

This shirt was made in collaboration with our friends at Dirty Bourbon Clothing. Get yours now before they're gone here.

Each tee comes with a free Koozie so that you can toast the Titan Army!

Only 100 available!

Dirty Bourbon was founded by our good friend Jamey, who some of you may have met at the merch booth on previous tours. Jamey is a great dude, and we can't thank him enough for driving us around, especially at night! Be sure to check out everything Dirty Bourbon is up to. 🤘🎶



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  1. My boyfriend played Folsom Prison and I started searching not long after that, I ran across your Sex and Candy cover. I love your rendition far better than the original!!! I've been hooked since! Wondering if you have ever considering doing a cover of Alice and Chains "Rooster" your vocals would kill it. Looking forward to hearing more from you guys! You fucking rock, your videos are badass the facial expressions 😎🤓😝💥🤘 and just having a great time in the videos are hands down the best! Keep fuckin rockin. ~jessie

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