From the album Junkie For You (Hey Mama)


Hey mama you don't need no lipstick
Hey mama you don't need nothing fixed
‘Cause the only fix in this whole situation
Is the fix that you're giving me ‘cause I'm a junkie for you

Are you gonna be my Bonnie ’cause baby I'ma be your Clyde
We'll paint up the town load up the Tommy and stick up the five and dimes
‘Cause it's a crime the way the world paints your face when your face is like a porcelain doll
So let me hold you in my arms let me show you what it is let's push that world against the wall

Don't put a front up for me baby
I want your good bad and ugly
‘Cause you're too pretty to quit
But time ain't on our side so it's time to split

Are you gonna listen to them or are you gonna listen to me?
Salesman saying if you don't feel pretty he's got everything you need
He's got diet pills cover up things that say you're not enough
Things for you to hide behind
But you're the prettiest baby when you got nothin’ on ya and there's nothin’ on your mind