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Rowdy and Reckless (Live at Think Loud Studios)

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I don't wanna get on the bandwagon
I'll burn the wagon down and join the band
Travelin' troubadours terrorizing street corners
Just to try to get some supper in our hands
Now, I've waited all my life to get this off my chest
Scream bloody murder until someone understands
That it ain't about the money, the drugs, or the women
I make this noise just because I can

And we'll all join in
To that original sin

So let's get rowdy and reckless
Let's get rowdy and reckless
Let's get rowdy and reckless
Just for the hell of it
Just for the hell of it

I don't wanna step on your toes man
But you better get the hell out of the way
Let the walkers walk and the talkers alone
And listen to the song we have to sing
We sing of times when we celebrate the ways we make our case
On a stage or in a circle amongst the crowd
Cause it ain't about the glory, the glitz, or the glamour
It's about lacing up, movin' out, and gettin' loud

And we'll all break down
To that original sound