Have you ever wanted to be with someone without worrying about the consequences? Perhaps while drinking wine?  

Check out the performance video to our song "Shadows" off of our album 'Reflection'. 

Titan Talk Episode 14 - The love of live rock n' roll 


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🎙Episode 14 - The love of live rock n' roll🎙 

On this episode, Jonny is live from the self named Deliciously Disgusting Cafe with the Dressler family and his buddy Mike Swab. This is what happens when some rock n' roll superfans hit record after a few drinks! 

We're sharing stories of bands we've seen over the years, who our favorites are and why, and more! Plus here the amazing story about former Misfits member Michale Graves and the special songs he's played live for this amazing group of people!

Interview With a Fan 

During the Hybrid Sessions Recordings, we invited one of our biggest fans to hang out with us in the studio for a day. At the day's end, we sat down and let her interview us. Thanks for the great questions Nicole!

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Here's Titan Army member of the week Adam Hardesty!

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