“The Man” acoustic version is out today and streaming everywhere now! Listen to it here.


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  1. I can not express just how awesome finding you has been. The Grinch let me discover you just days ago. So we , my wife and I , went in hard , hearing as much as we could find of your extreme talent and songs and lyrics. I have become a walking billboard for your band. It's an extreme pleasure to just reach out and tell you how much we enjoy your SMALL TOWN TITANS.The last two + years have led my Wife and I to go straight heavy metal due to the pent up frustration with our children's children 's world and future. We like late bloomers , re visited Metallica's music with a sudden understanding that we did not feel until everything started going to" hell in a snot-rag", to swell in a hand-bag , to tell in a hash-tag. So when we found and discovered you , it was just like rock-candy ! I am 64 and my wife is two – twelve years younger. I sing like Sinatra , Martin , and maybe Nat King Cole n Elvis. So how has our real Jones for straight whaling Metal Rock surfaced out of all this , you may ask. It is because what you do is straight Beautiful Man😯🥲.So thank you. Thank you. I have rewritten The lunatics are in the " LAB" .Creating things that no one ever should have. I wish you could do that remix for fun. Wow what an incredible VOICE. Feel the LOVE , From Mea n Randy Phelps.

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