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  1. More or Less

From the album The Hybrid Sessions EP

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The more that I want
The less that I get
The less that I listen
The more that I regret
The weight of my words
Grow heavier with time
The gravity It hurts most
When all you want to do is fly

Away, before this breaks
No escape from all of this madness
Only strength to embrace the pain
So here I face, the thunder and the rain
I refuse to lean on sadness
When there’s no one left to blame
But me

The more that I see
The less there is to say
The less I give a shit
The more I want to get away
From this pretty prison cell
That I locked myself inside
But now I’ve found the key
And there’s nowhere left to hide

Break these chains and pierce the skin
Memories tattooed upon my flesh and for my kin
And though I may forgive
I will not forget
What it took to get to here
To live without regret
No I won't hide

The less that I want
The more that I get
The more that I listen
The less that I regret